Monday, April 06, 2009

Greek yogurt & Museum nudes

This is my new addiction... this delicious yogurt that is. The pills? They're just my vitamins. You see I've been eating very badly (from the floor vending machine) on the go and my body & tummy have been suffering as a result; so today I decided I needed a little culture with my city life. See, you don't have to live in Nebraska to miss out on culture.

Still, yogurt is about the only place I've been getting my culture these past few weeks. But there's hope on the horizon. Instead of lunch meetings this week and next, I've convinced my clients meet me at museums next week. I've promised to then leaving them there to browse freely the rest of the afternoon while I head back to work. At least that way I get to walk through the collections on the way in and (if I choose a different exit) on the way out.

Tomorrow I've got an appt with a client I've only briefly met twice. We're meeting in front of the Morgan Museum at 2:30pm. He requested a personal tour of several galleries. Since my firm is a major contributor to this museum, rather than guiding him myself, I've arranged for a private guide to give us some gallery highlights of what he's most interested in seeing. I did a virtual tour earlier today in order to make sure we steer clear of the nudes as we talk, so the conversation will be focused and won't go anywhere other than business. I'm really looking forward to going to this museum as I've not been there in over a decade and many improvements have been made to the building and their collection.

Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I'll be getting my culture elsewhere in the next 2 weeks. No worries though, because if all else fails, I'll be taking virtual tours after Easter of the Vatican Museums and the Louvre. That's where I've decided to spend my evenings, on a mini-virtual European vacation of sorts. Care to join me? I'll gladly discuss any painters, paintings and/or period or style afterwards.

Either way, may you find peace and joy this holiday!

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Harvey said...

I like a good nude as much as the next guy, but seriously, what's going on in this one?: