Thursday, April 02, 2009

Too busy to post

See my desk, and the printouts of my busy calendar for the next 2 weeks? See one of the project description summaries which is 15 pages long. I highlight only the parts that involve me so I can figure out how much time I have to dedicate to this particular project. I stopped to take pics midway because I was going cross-eyed & batty)!

See the document w/the official seal? That's the Official 55 pg summary of the NYS Budget that was recently approved by legislators (which is actually several thousand pages long). There's that work, then there's those lovely standing teleconferences I have to participate in to discuss the impact of upcoming items to clients the world over... Oh joy!

When I'm done with all that, I then have to somehow find time to read, analyze & synthesize the longer version of the NYS Budget for my bosses; all while finding time to work on my current projects. How do I ever fit it all in?

In my parental role I have the following exciting deadlines I have to keep an eye on:

April 12 - Team Science Fair Experiment Conducted
April 18 - All Day visit to the Colonial Farm in Staten Island NY
April 19 - Final Meeting of Science Fair Team Re: Experiment Results
April 20 - Report on Life in Colonial Times (1700 - 1790) 5 typed pages
April 25 - National Science Scholars Test - for scholarship awards
April 30 - Standardized Science State Test
May 1st - Science Fair Project Due
May 7th - Science Fair Powerpoint presentation before Science Fair Judges (I kid you not! Yes, he is only 9; and yes he's in 4th grade!)

Then there's my personal daily/weekly goals of exercise, meditation, yoga, and my creative pursuits (writing), which are essential to me living a stress free and spiritual life. Yes, as of late its become a true balancing act of grace and courage to see what gets done, what's delayed and what becomes a wishful temporary fantasy for the moment. Sigh!

Still, I amaze myself by somehow managing to keep my 20 balls in the air, and rarely but deliberately, only dropping one or 2 at a time out of necessity in order to ensure that the others stay aloft.

My gratitude for the skills that I've been blessed with are boundless! So I hope you know, that though I don't visit you in your digital home, that it does NOT mean: "Outta Sight, Outta Mind!" It just means that I'm meeting with you on a super-conscious spiritual level where I pray for your happiness & well-being as I think of you and smile.

I pray you remain well! Peace, Love & Light!


Harvey said...

*leaves pink highligher*

Maybe a cheerier color will help :-)

Army Wife said...

Keep thinking you went away...nice to hear from you