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To All The Sweet Singles Out There

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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Powerful goal-setting!

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I get together every year with a few people, to begin planning the year ahead for shared adult playdates. During that process we each share what or how we would like to have fun while spending time together.  My favorite playdates are the ones that are about exploring parts of me, and or using my imagination and creativity.  My favorite outing last year was visitng the Sony Wonder Science & Technology Lab.  It was so much fun I've been back twice since then with my own son.

But before I work on my playdates, I begin planning All my personal, professional and family goals and planning by envisioning what kind of year I wish to have.  This year I stretch my vision beyond 2010.  Everything I plan, set up as a goal or do must support my overall vision or I don't do it or plan it because it's going to take me off course.  I have so little time that I have to make sure that all areas of my life are supported, which means that I have very little time for spontaneously or spur of the moment events or outings.

Anywho, back to my vision...
During the quiet late nights after thanksgiving, as I was trimming my holiday tree, I began thinking about what kind of woman I wanted to evolve into; what kind of experiences I wanted to have; what kind of things I wanted to do and the kinds of things I wanted to experience in my life!  The following is what evolved:

My Vision of myself is of a healthy, fit me that sees herself not only as well proportioned, but finds herself to be an incredibly beautiful woman with sexy curves, whose self-confidence is evident from the self-love that radiates brilliantly through her from her divine source within.

OUW! All the goals I contemplated thereafter, and that actually went into my goal list had to do with me becoming the best possible: woman, mother, friend, sister, mentor, employee, community person, supervisor, etc. that ever walked the planet.   Here's a few goals I set for myself, in the present/actualized voice. I put them on pretty paper on my fridge and on my computer screens at work, home and blackberry, so that I stay focused. Following each of my goal statements, I have written the powerful reasons why I wish to accomplish them.

Last year I accomplished 80% of my goals. Midway through the year I realized I had too many and that some had to be put off till this year. Still, not bad for a busy, single parent and community member that always has time for friends and loved ones.  Okay, so here's what I've written so far:

Main focus and over-arching theme: Experiencing A Year of Love & JOY!

Telling myself everyday "I LOVE YOU!" – everything begins and ends with me, and I love it when the Universe loves me!  & I love it back by loving me first.

Telling my beloved son ”I Love YOU!” everyday – so he can experience the love of the divine through me!  This may seem silly but when I really took inventory over a 2 week period I realized that even though I showed I loved him, I only told him that I loved him 70% of the time.  Not good enough in my book.  Children need to not only hear the sound of those words, they need to feel the emotion behind them so when they grow up, they instinctively know when someone is playing them and when someone truly loves them.

Ensuring I get 8 hours of restful beauty sleep - so I can smile and look fabulous even when I don't have clothes on!

Exercising 4x/week a minimum of 30 min each time doing all the exercises I love - so I can show my body how much its truly loved!!! & I can keep my body primed for all the adventures the Universe has for me – woohoo!

Giving my body nutritiously delicious foods that will energize, heal and make me feel vibrant! - because you are and definitely feel what you eat!

Engaging in spontaneous acts of love towards all my loved ones – so they can feel how greatly loved they are by me and the universe. Because an angel did this for me and it changed my life! & I am a radiating center of Divine love.

Finding the fun, sweet, kind, laughable and compassionate side of all situations - because that's a more joyful way to approach life!

Sharing my inner joy through kind acts and the sharing of fun and laughter – because when I make others smile or laugh it comes back to me exponentially, and I SO LOVE to laugh!

Sub-freezing Hibernation

Its been too cold to go out and take photos... so here's A funny and joyful celebration of love that's just heartwarming enough to make you smile!  Enjoy!

Monday, November 30, 2009

An Easy & Stress-free Holiday Planning Checklist

Keep stress at bay with this four-week plan which I have modified from Kimberly Fusaro's article posted on November 11, 2009 on

Your Holiday Planning Checklist

With all there is to do between now and New Year’s, the best way to avoid an end-of-year meltdown is to tackle your Christmas to-dos well in advance. For a head start—and a smooth holiday season — follow my step-by-step Christmas planner, which spreads tasks over four weeks, instead of two.

But first, you have to let go of the idea of a “perfect” holiday. Aby Garvey, the organizing and productivity expert at Simplify 101, suggests that we should strive not for a perfect holiday but one that that we enjoy and makes us happy. Ok, ready to kick off your happy holiday season? Then read on.

Week 1: Make Lists, Budgets, Organize and Schedule Time for the Tasks

1. Ask older, tech-savvy kids to set up online wish lists, which work like wedding registries. Amazon offers a universal wish list, meaning a person can “wish” for something from any website, and all of the wishes will appear in one place. [done]

2. Write your holiday card list, your email card list and update all your addresses. Divide it into three parts (those you will email, those you will hand-deliver and those you will mail) so you can spread out card-sending over a few weeks. Schedule to write those you need to mail so they will arrive in plenty of time. [done]

3. Buy holiday cards, stamps and gift-wrapping supplies. Have the kids stick the postage stamps on the cards for you. Make a contest, those that do all of them neatly gets a prize or more video gaming time! [done]

4. Carve out some non-negotiable “me” time on your calendar, for the remainder of the year, suggests Garvey, who signed up for a yoga class that runs through mid-January. “Yoga may not be your thing,” she says, “but stake a claim to a de-stressing chunk of time that’s just for you during the holidays.” [done]

5. Search your closet for extra items you bought but never gave as presents. Also seek any items you can re-gift to someone who could possibly use the item. For example, that lime green cashmere shawl you received from a co-worker gave would make a great gift for Aunt Tilly. [done]

6. Write your gift list and determine your budget. If you shop without either, you risk overbuying (say, getting way more for one child than another) and/or overspending. [done]

7. Carry with you a few blank holiday cards so you can write them out as you stand on line to pay at the supermarket, drugstore, etc. Set a date by which to mail all your holiday cards.

8. Sort through your holiday decorations. Replace burned-out light bulbs and save only the ornaments you cherish, suggests Krista Colvin, the owner of Organize in Style, a professional organizing company. The smaller your collection, the less you’ll have to pack and store at the end of the year. Donate extras to charity, and supplement what’s left with fresh greenery, which can be recycled. [I did this BEFORE I PACKED THEM LAST YEAR]

9. Shop for out-of-town friends and family members. “Not only are the stores less crowded earlier in the season,” says Garvey, “it’s nice to have this item checked off the to-do list before the season gets too crazy.” [done]

10. Hang your outside decorations. [done]

Week 2: Wrapping and Menu Planning

1. Set up a wrapping station, and wrap gifts as you buy them. [OR you can buy a whole bunch of gift bags and tissue paper which can be recycled year after year. One particular Christmas bag has been used and re-used for 10 years now.]

2. Try to tackle half of your gift list this week. Start off by doing some online shopping on Cyber-Monday. If you don't have any extra presents from last year and no re-gifting items, pick up a few just-in-case gifts when shopping. Make sure these are wrapped first and they are tagged with a post-it note indicating what they are, so they are ready to give. Items like luxurious scented candles, a beautiful picture frame or crystal vases are best purchased after Christmas. You should have extra bottles of wine you can give to a party hostess or a neighbor who drops by with an unexpected present.

3. Shop after work, when stores are less busy. While you’re out, pick up an unframed long mirrors and a series of pillar candles. Arrange the candles atop the mirror and adorn/fill in with greenery as a simple, elegant holiday table centerpiece or accent.

4. Write and mail a third of your holiday cards. Wrap a few presents and place them under the tree.

5. Plan your Christmas day and Christmas Eve menus. Avoid repeat trips to the supermarket by writing a master grocery list. Consolidate ingredients by using the leftover Chrismas eve ham for Christmas day brunch.

6. Take stock of your pantry and baking staples. Add flour, oil, spices and such to your grocery list as needed. Purchase all the non-perishables and store them separately (with a 2nd list) so you always have an idea of what still needs to get picked up before Christmas.

7. Order the ham or turkey from your supermarket’s meat counter or specialty shop.

8. Mail gifts to out-of-town friends and family members.

9. Buy and trim your tree this weekend.

10. Drop off party dresses or outfits at the cleaners.

Week 3: Finish Shopping and Decorating

1. Finish your gift shopping and packing those to be shipped. Schedule a post office or UPS run on your calendar.

2. Mail gifts to out-of-town friends and family members.

4. Write and send your remaining holiday cards.

5. Hang inside decorations.

6. Buy and trim your tree this weekend.

7. Clean the low-traffic areas in your home.

8. Schedule time or hire help or give kids extra allowance or video game time to help with straightening out and cleaning in high traffic or common areas. Things like using wipes to clean tv's, wipe windows and window sills, are easy enough for young children.

Week 4: Clean and Prepare

1. Finish wrapping all your remaining gifts.

2. Make sure your are well-stocked with a variety of beverages & snacks for impromptu guests of any age. Don’t forget mixers and garnishes. Keep these items in a safe area and out of hungry little hands instead of the pantry.

4. Clean your low-traffic areas.

5. Give gifts to babysitters (one night’s pay), newspaper carriers (up to $30) and other helpers in your life. Put the money in a personalized greeting card.

6. Take platters and serving dishes out of storage and clean them, as needed. Place a sticky note on each, to indicate which dish it will hold, so that any helpers will immediately know which platter you need.

7. Wash and iron table linens, then set the dining room table a few days in advance (with a plastic cover over it if you have children).

8. Make a list and shop for the perishables you'll need for holiday meals.

9. Finish cleaning your home, leaving heavily trafficked rooms for last.

10. Prepare all the make-ahead dishes as far in advance as possible.

11. Accept help! “Relinquish some control in the kitchen and you’ll have the time to enjoy your family and friends,” says Colvin, who keeps a “Why Yes, You Can Help Me” tin at the ready. On Christmas Eve and then Christmas, fill it with unfinished tasks written on strips of paper. When guests offer to lend a hand, point them in the direction of the tin.

Here's wishing you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been Missing You & Blogging

I used to sing this song whenever I was asked to sing at a party. I chose this song mostly because in singing accapella I could change up the tempo and then no one would be able to sing with me.

I heart U John Waite!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its been a couple of rainy days in NYC as Ida languishes on our coast.  I love this kind of weather and was happy to be able to go to the local Science Museum and put together some interesting molecular structures representing the following: animal urea, testosterone and trimethylene.  My son and his playmates found it both funny and interesting when I explained in laymen's terms what animal urea was. 

Afterwards we went for a snack and I had some Sprite to drink.  Unbeknowst to me, my son had swished the bottle a bit before I drank it.  He wanted to test a theory that a classmate had shared with him:  if you shake the soda slightly and you drink it afterwards you'll burp more.  Well, he's happy to report that his mother burped the longest and loudest she's ever burped in her life. 

The scene was so funny everyone at our table and the next laughed.  I of course was red-faced and embarrassed, and apologies only made everyone laugh harder so I just stopped.  All I keep thinking is wait till you're older and have your own children... I will help them pull up the best pranks without them getting caught like you!

Payback's a bitch!  I said inwardly, as I shook my head and narrowed my eyes to show my displeasure at being an unwilling experimental victim. Yep, payback's a bitch.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WSJ: The Sex-Housework Link

In The Wall Street Journal today there's an article entitled: The Sex-Housework Link. Provocative title isn't it?

The article is reporting about a study done by two sociological scientist in which they found that the more housework you do, the more often you are likely to have sex with your spouse. Funny, that's not been my experience.

An interesting read and the stats are even more so. I'd like to have a word with both, the scientits who conducted the study and the WSJ writer.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Net Neutrality & Elections

This article from the Wall Street Journal (Facebook & Twitter Join Net-Neutrality War) brings to light the camps entering the Net Neutrality fray on the FCC's proposed rules and proposed legislation. Below is FCC Chairman Genachowski's big announcement along with info on where you can learn more and where you can eventually be able to give your 2cents worth for Congress and the FCC to consider.

Yes, I know, that's 2 min of your life you will never get back, and YES it lacks details and substance despite all the anticipated angst from rumors, and all the hyperbole from business and tech sites.  However, its precisely because of that hyperbole and rumor-mongering that we, as free devoted netizens of the cybersphere, need to remain vigilant of what's going on, lest our beloved gov't lose sight of "OUR" interests and succumb to the demands of lobbyists protecting their large corporate clients. 

How interesting that the average Joe, or Joe the plumber for that matter, was not in present in the jam packed press room at this announcement.  Nope, only reporters,lobbyists and industry execs from telco's, isp's,  internet business companies, etc., were present.  Which means, we (the netizens of the world) have to ensure that our interests are considered and protected when it comes to any proposed rules. 

TO learn more about 'Net Neutrality' you can begin by reading the legislation and tracking its progress as it goes through Congress.  If you scroll down at the Tracking link you will be able to see the latest news on it, who publicly supports and opposes the bill. I encourage you to write your local Congressional Representative directly and freely by clicking through the previous link. Let them know how you feel after reading all the material. Our Congressional Representatives do read letters and on occassion use them in their speeches to persuade their peers.

Below you will find some news articles about this from one source.  I will be pulling  from a few others resources soon and will post them here as I go along.  In the meantime, please read what the WSJ has to say about Net-Neutrality:
Net-Neutrality in the Spotlight
Net-Neutrality Speech Draws Strong Reactions

Gotham Crushing Small Business Dreams?

Apparently this article at the City Journal seems to think so.  Now I understand why 20 businesses in a square mile radius of where I live have gone out of business this past year,  10 are hanging on by a thread and 16 more have only 3 to 6 months operating capital left.   
I have volunteered with my local Chamber of Commerce to consult one-on-one on how these businesses can create an online presence and also market themselves and their products in order to compete more effectively in their market place.  Lets hope I can help!