Friday, January 04, 2008


Cause I certainly am and will continue to be throught mid-February! Have a looksee at what's going to keep me busy:

Caucus/Primary Calendar

January 2008
5th Wyoming caucuses – R
8th New Hampshire primaries
15th Michigan primaries
19th Nevada & South Carolina - R caucuses
26th South Carolina - D
29th Florida primaries

February 2008
3rd Maine caucuses - R
5th SUPER TUESDAY – 24 causes or primaries in the following states:
Alabama primaries
Alaska caucuses
Arizona primaries
Arkansas primaries
California primaries
Colorado caucuses
Connecticut primaries
Delaware primaries
Georgia primaries
Idaho caucuses - D
Illinois primaries
Kansas caucuses - D
Massachusetts primaries
Minnesota caucuses
Missouri primaries
Montana caucuses - R
New Jersey primaries
New Mexico primary - D
New York primaries
North Dakota caucuses
Oklahoma primaries
Tennessee primaries
Utah primaries
West Virginia caucuses - R


Quality Weenie said...

Are you going to be in all those states?

Wow, your good.

Journey said...

Ah Qdub, Thank heaven's I don't live that life anymore. Did it once when I was very young & in college. By the end of the election I looked 60 (I have the photo to prove it somewhere!) when I was only in my 20's. That process only sucks the life out of you. And working in the White House is worse!

I much prefer home and hearth & baking bread. Life is infinitely more sweeter and more peaceful now!