Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Interactive New Year!!!!

For those wishing to share there New Year's wishes with the world here's your chance. The Times Square Alliance (TSA) will post your own wish on TSA's site which hosts a global digital wishing wall.

As for me, I have happy, healthy, prosperous, love-filled New Year's wishes to all who visit here! This is a picture of what celebrants can expect (of course those in these spots usually arrive between noon and 2pm) New Year's Eve. [I hope they have a big bladder 'cause there ain't no bathroom and if you leave to go you're not allowed to come back.} I on the other hand will be having fun elsewhere. Have not decided what interesting adventure I will embark on. I've been invited to a number of parties. But I'll let you all know what I did in a day or so. Right now I'm fried! Its almost 6:00am and I've pulled an all-nighter at work for an important presentation, so I wonder what state I'll be in tonight.

Well Happy New Year to you, and to all a good night/day!

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