Monday, January 07, 2008

In need of Green

There's too much greyness about. From sidewalks, to tall skyscrapers, all the way to the heavens there's been nothing but grey these last few days. All of which has made me want greenery about all the more! So I finally pulled out my xmas pics and found one that brought me back to a balmy quiet moment at the NY Botanical Gardens near the orchid hot house, which brought back wonderful memories of this year's holiday.

I just love having lots of fun pics stored on my cell to fill up time during boring meetings. My cell really doesn't do the sculpure or the setting justice, but it's better than nothing. Its been my only green moment in the last 2 weeks and it will have to hold me till I return to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's or D.C [for the spring blossom activity).

I just made the executive decision of not taking down my tree until next sunday because I want green plants and trees all around me still! I'm not ready to give in to winter just yet.

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Mrs. Who said...

Just leave your tree up all year! I have a friend who does that, and changes the decorations per the season. Right now the tree has Mardis Gras decorations on it.