Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lord Vader to you!

This is me last year, killing time at a cafe before a meeting.  Sadly, this cafe no longer exists. Its yet another casualty of the severe economic downturn we are experiencing in NYC.  Too bad its closed, it was my oasis in the storms during the day at work.  My great escape... the place that lured me with the promise of quiet surroundings with soothing music and a great cappuccino, such as the yummy one below. 

And how did I manage to drink with a mask on, you might ask? Well, through a straw that was placed through a small hole in my mask, which I covered with black duct tape. I wore that mask all day long and even to two departmental meetings without taking it off.  It brought smiles to faces and light chuckles to busy hearts and minds. Me, I had a ball the entire day.

What will I do this halloween?  I really don't know.  Do you have any suggestions on what I might do? .

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