Sunday, October 18, 2009

ALCS @ Yankee Stadium

(NY Daily News)

Its game 2 and the score has been tied.since the 7th.  We are now in the middle of the 11th inning.  My son insisted he wanted to stay up and watch his beloved Yanks but at 9:30pm I prevailed upon a sleepy boy to go to bed and he went without protests as long as I fulfill my obligation of a play by play recount of the games's highlights.  .

My son is so looking forward to Monday when I will be leaving work early to pick him up at school and watch the entire  game on TV.. I'm looking forward to it too as its an opportunity for us to bond and for him to make some memories. 
Update:  After 5 hours and 10 min, and 7 tied innings,  the Yankees were finally able to score in the 13th inning on an Angels error.  I will take the win however I can get it.  I am just grateful the weather in Cali is in the mid 60's.  It will be a nice change for them.  Okay, must get sleep as I have a full schedule tomorrow.  I have the Jets and Giants games to watch.   : ) 

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