Saturday, April 18, 2009

Historic Staten Island

I'm exhausted after a day of exploring a number of historic sites in Staten Island. In the morning we explored the Conference House, seen above, best known for the meeting which took place between Ben Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge, representatives of the Independence Movement, and Lord Admiral Howe, representative of King George's Colonial Government. During their meeting which took place on September 11, 1776, both parties met to try and find a quick end to the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, any attempts to reach a peace agreement was rejected by both sides and the Revolutionary War continued for another 5 years. The vibes in that entire place and was awesome. One could almost feel the military presence and revolutionary spirit of the past come alive.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent at the Village of Historic Richmond Town. The village is a collection of 28 landmarked buildings dating between 1670 and 1907 which are still fully functional according to the time periods they were constructed in. Its funny because at one point during the tour I had to go to the bathroom and asked if there were facilities anywhere nearby and they explained that all the outhouse were not open yet as it was still too cold to have them running properly. I then was told that at the end of our tour I would be able to use the bathroom in the museum which was also the general store as they had modern facilities there, such as electricity and running water (how quaint!).

For the remainder of the week I'll be posting pictures of my visit to the Village of Historic Richmond. For today the above picture will have to do.


Cappy said...

I have heard that it is quite the tropical paradise.

Journey said...

Ah yes... nothing like high temps to help bread lots of nasty germs!