Monday, June 23, 2008

George, R U down there screaming up at us?

My mother often told stories of my first love. She told of me being a toddler and kissing the tv set whenever this man was performing on tv. As I grew older, I bought his albums and memorized some of his routines. It seems I have always loved him. I even declared my love for him on my old defunct blog and here. He was instrumental in my own post 9/11 recovery. I'm grateful we have youtube so that I'm able to visit with him whenever I want to.

You will be missed but never, ever forgotten. Instead, I hope you will always be "down there screaming up at us". I didn't always agree with you or your witty cynicism, but I have always thought you were humorously brilliant and wonderful.

I will miss you!


Dazd said...

Yes...the world will be lacking his intelligent wit and perspectives. I agree with the YouTube comment!

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