Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Beautiful Bridge

I came across this beauty while cleaning out files in my old computer (click to enlarge). I took this many moons ago on a hot summer night very much like tonight. I was living in the East Village at the time and normally when I couldn't sleep I'd do one of 3 things: go running, go clubbing or go take pictures. That evening I was restless as it was too hot to sit in my apartment (my AC wasn't working so well) and I set out meandering through the streets of Manhattan to see what images I could capture in the waning sun. That night I walked from my apartment all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge, just over 5 miles, because her beauty drew me to her.

While there I thought I should cross over to Brooklyn since the night was young and the cool breeze off the bridge beckoning sweetly. Halfway to Brooklyn I turned around to look back and saw this beautiful image of contasting shapes and lines that it was almost as if the picture was set up by itself. Since then I've taken pictures from and of that bridge in a thousand different ways. Many people come to NY to visit and never get to see her this way. I figured I'd post it here for all of you to see how beautiful she is close to 200 years later. In this picture I can really see what Walt Whitman and other poets saw in her. I can also understand why a foreign investment group would want to buy her. The question now is: should we sell, lease or keep her?

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W Brown said...

I'm a nyc teacher, my summer school class is doing a project on the Brooklyn Bridge and I would love for you to share your experiences withthe bridge at there blog