Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Cavalry Has Finally Arrived!

All of these pictures were taken within a few blocks of where I live. In front of my building there were 5 trucks that showed up last night and have yet to leave. I wasn't able to take pictures in front of my building because truthfully I like my privacy and safety.

As I walked through my neighborhood to this morning on my pilgrimage to Le Mac for breakfast, I saw that on every corner and on every block big power company trucks are everywhere. From as far south as Florida, to as far north as Michigan. My son was so happy to see them he was thanking them as we walked down the street. I didn't curb his enthusiasm until he asked me for money to buy them cool drinks and snacks. I had to explain to him that just as I don't reward good behavior in him, because he's supposed to behave well all the time, similarly I'm not going to reward these wonderful power company workers for doing what they were supposed to be doing all along... working on the problem.

Interesting how it took a group of politicians and Hillary doing a couple of press conferences on Friday and Saturday, and a subpeona to Con Edison, to get ALL these people to show up.

Mayor Bloomberg, I am truly disappointed in you. As much as I used to critize Rudy I must say he was a much better mayor than you and you have now shown you pale in comparison.

When you were quoted as saying you didn't want to come to Queens just for a photo op you showed your true colors. Your a snobish St. Barts styled Manhattanite who's mayoral career is over! By not crossing the river you dissed the largest part of the downstate Republican constituency. Mr. Mayor, your days are numbered, so I say begin to prepare for your return to private life!

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Quality Weenie said...

Out of state power people are always willing to help other states in need.

To bad NY politicians didn't ask for help sooner, this problem could have been fixed awhile ago.

Here is hoping you get power soon, sending positive power vibes your way.