Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beating the Heat

In order to escape the increasing temps indoors without power my son & I walked 3 miles to go to the sprinklers after we picked up lunch @ Le Mac (McDonalds) who were running off of huge generators.

The heat, lack of sleep & lack of caffeine this AM have given me a major headache. It has not helped that we lost also water late last night as a result of pressure going down and no electricity to pump the water up to us. Otherwise, I would have taken several showers today. Instead the kiddie sprinkler had to do. My son loved the fact that I joined him under the sprinklers. More later.

At 8:00pm it's 86F and darkeness has set in. It's 24 hrs since I lost power and heat exhaustion has begun to set in. I've been fighting nauseau, headaches, etc. It has not helped that at the intersection at the corner of my building (right by my bedroom window) there have been 8 car accidents, 4 of which involved pedestrians who thought, even though there were no working street lights, if they stepped into the street they would still have the right of way.

Here's a few links covering the hell we've been living through.
Power Problems Close Queens Businesses, Frustrate Residents
Power Failure continues and worsens.

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