Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strike Day 2

Conversations overheard around the city:

In a cab at the Brooklyn Bridge:
Man #1: ...Sh!t! Why did they have to strike during the winter? Right before the holidays, no less.
Man #2: Well, the transit guys need to get paid more and they need other things that I'm not too clear about.
Man #3: F^ck 'em! I don't give a sh!t what their problems are! Everybody has problems, not just them! They want more money? Well, then they should have thought about that before dropping out of high school! Bunch of lazy f^cking losers!
Man #4: Hey, I work for the MTA.
Man #3: Well, then: f^ck you, too!

At a bar on Pearl Street & Peck:
Drunk guy: Just replace them (train conductors) with automated trains and 10 lines of code: "If subway station, stop. Otherwise, go."

And here's a few reasons why New Yorkers LOOOOOOOVE tourists:
Tourist guy: Excuse me, can you tell me what to do if there is a strike? I wasn't here for the last one!

Another tourist guy: So when the workers strike and walk off the job, how do they get home?

Woman: Is this the line for the LIRR?
Man: No, it's the line for free watermelon.

Tourist in a suit talking loudly in an indignant tone: We tried to get a cab to take us three blocks and he wouldn't take us.

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