Monday, October 19, 2009

Net Neutrality & Elections

This article from the Wall Street Journal (Facebook & Twitter Join Net-Neutrality War) brings to light the camps entering the Net Neutrality fray on the FCC's proposed rules and proposed legislation. Below is FCC Chairman Genachowski's big announcement along with info on where you can learn more and where you can eventually be able to give your 2cents worth for Congress and the FCC to consider.

Yes, I know, that's 2 min of your life you will never get back, and YES it lacks details and substance despite all the anticipated angst from rumors, and all the hyperbole from business and tech sites.  However, its precisely because of that hyperbole and rumor-mongering that we, as free devoted netizens of the cybersphere, need to remain vigilant of what's going on, lest our beloved gov't lose sight of "OUR" interests and succumb to the demands of lobbyists protecting their large corporate clients. 

How interesting that the average Joe, or Joe the plumber for that matter, was not in present in the jam packed press room at this announcement.  Nope, only reporters,lobbyists and industry execs from telco's, isp's,  internet business companies, etc., were present.  Which means, we (the netizens of the world) have to ensure that our interests are considered and protected when it comes to any proposed rules. 

TO learn more about 'Net Neutrality' you can begin by reading the legislation and tracking its progress as it goes through Congress.  If you scroll down at the Tracking link you will be able to see the latest news on it, who publicly supports and opposes the bill. I encourage you to write your local Congressional Representative directly and freely by clicking through the previous link. Let them know how you feel after reading all the material. Our Congressional Representatives do read letters and on occassion use them in their speeches to persuade their peers.

Below you will find some news articles about this from one source.  I will be pulling  from a few others resources soon and will post them here as I go along.  In the meantime, please read what the WSJ has to say about Net-Neutrality:
Net-Neutrality in the Spotlight
Net-Neutrality Speech Draws Strong Reactions

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