Friday, September 18, 2009

Pics of NYC week of 9/13

As I lay in bed coughing my brains out I looked through my laptop for pics I took this past summer.

I entitled this Weeds grow in Brooklyn.  They were on a rooftop of a building of someone I know.  Manhattan seems far away doesn't it.

A 60 yr old sign in the industrial section of town a few miles away.  See, NYC isn't always about skyscrapers.

Not only do NY developers create their own pools and beaches... they create their own palm trees too. And to make it more useful and decorative they go one further... a tree with electric palms!

Went back to my Dr. 'cause I felt like crap all weekend. My doctor's office was so packed I raised the window shade to get the illusion of space in his overcrowded office.  This was the view he had.  No wonder the shades were down.  I amused myself for the next hour by trying to decipher the variuos images.


Cappy said...

Hi Postcards. Neat pics. Hope all is well. My kid is in NYC, and no police complaints so far.

VikingMedic said...

Like the pics. You must teach me your ways.