Sunday, August 16, 2009

Andy's Montauk Memorial

Andy was a loving person who touched the lives of many, as a result he had many really good and devoted friends. Not the kind of friends that do lip service, but the kind that would jump in to do or help on any of Andy's projects if he so much as hinted he needed help. So its no surprise to me, who knew him for over half his lifetime, that all his friends would want to do something to honor his memory.

I was unable to go out to Montauk a week ago to honor my dear friend and to finally meet some of his wonderful surfer friends, whom he loved as much as us city folks. I'm grateful that one of his Montauk buddies pointed me to a picture of the memorial (above) at Mastastico, a site authored and photographed by Mr. Lentini, another friend of Andy's. If you click through that picture you will see that the surfers had done a very unique paddle service. In this one they have joined hands and said Andy's favorite prayer.

The NY Times posted a halfway decent obituary describing his life, that would have annoyed Andy. Of course had he complained to me I would have said to him, "What do you expect, no one gets everything right these days, especially the media!"

As for the photo... Andy would have been very touched. It's an incredibly beuatiful photo that shows how much Andy was loved out there.

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