Saturday, June 27, 2009

High Line Park

New York City's newest park which is still under development - High Line Park. It used to be an elevated freight train rail system which has been abandoned now for over 40 years. For info about the park or events taking place there, please visit their website.

In the summer it will be a great place to hide away from the hot steamy streets below, as the elevation of the park walkway is several flights above street level and provide a natural breeze from the Hudson River.

Please stop by, visit and enjoy the incredible wild landscape. If you can imagine what it would look like, as you walk alongside abandoned railway tracks, its very similar with one big difference, the weeds and wildflowers are contained and planted with a specific horticultural framework, which volunteer residents helped develop.


Harvey said...

Wait... the guys doing weed maintenance PLANT the weeds?

Cappy said...

Looks cool. I'm dropping off the papoose for college in August in NYC, maybe I'll take a look.

AspergantuS said...

I've never been to NYC... one day I'd like to visit.

Mrs. Who said...

Laughing at Harvey...although the idea does seem strange!

But the whole place is a marvelous idea! Enjoy it for all of us who can't make it there.