Saturday, January 10, 2009

A FREE New Year's Gift for You

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! [blowing horns and rattling noise makers] and because its a brand new Year I decided to give you a little something something as a sort of gift to help you increase your wealth or at least help you position yourself in a better place financially for 2009. A place where you will be in control of your financial destiny (like me) and where whatever happens to the market doesn't matter much because you will or have discovered that not only are you in control of your financial fate but YOU HAVE OPTIONS... lots of options. And I'm not talking about a specific investment vehicle... I'm talking about choices that will free you not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually. So my gift to you is a resource to enable your Financial Freedom!!!

One of my favorite things is reading, and this past year there was a lively conversation on money and personal finance habits on my blog, so I thought, why not give those who visit some of the same freedom I have, or at the very least a way to move from fear to comfort and ultimately self-control and confidence. Well, to that end I decided to point those who want to receive to a wonderful resource book, which helped me become financially stable and debt free years ago.

Here you will find an excellent Personal Finance book that's being recommended by many top financial advisers as 2009's must read finance book... and the gift part is that you can download it for FREE! I don't mention the book's author by name because I don't want some ninny lawyer coming at me with all sorts of stipulations on copyright infringement, saying I must display this or that, so click through to find out more details and to skim through the book!

I skimmed the book after 2 top Financial Advisers recommended it to clients I know, and it looks to be an excellent resource for these times. I especially like her suggestions about continuing to invest in a down market (unlike fearful people who sell all their investments and wind up damaging their financial future).

People normally have a tendency to undervalue things that are free. Don't make that mistake with this book.

This year, I'm going to encourage everyone to take time out to seek out and treasure what's of value in their life by making strategic investments in that area. If its relationships how are you going to help it grow this year?

As for me, I didn't write much in December because early on I slipped on some ice and tore the meniscus in my right knee. As a result, I was laid up, first in hospital then in bed, for a number of weeks. I'm finally ambulatory, YAY!, but have been told I need surgery :( Problem is I'm too bloody busy right now to have surgery. My son is going on Middle School interviews, taking test for placements and scholarships, taking state and federal tests in different subject matters and dealing with lots and lots of homework as part of the mix. And as always, this single-mom has chosen to invest equal time in developing my son's spiritual life, amidst his academic demands, as I invest in my own spiritual development. The payoff? He's a happy, well-balanced, fun and very loving kid that makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis.

For the time being, I'm walking around on either crutches or a cane, depending on the weather and the pain. So I won't be writing as much in the near term, but my goal is to aim for at least once a month to keep you up to speed with life's developments. We'll see where this journey takes us. TTFN!

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