Friday, November 07, 2008

Astro Forecast/Warning

I'm ornery today! I've encountered too many people who have been down right rude and offensive towards me. Yes, this is a total deviation from my usual very-happy-go-lucky self. It could also be the added stress from managing the office move for several depts. within our division, which has fallen on my shoulders since the firm's recent down-sizing. Ironically, after this morning's final "Move mtg." a co-worker sent me this:

This particular astrological period should come with a mandatory warning label to be worn by you until the effects have passed. What might that label read?
For your own safety, avoid annoying me -- and if you do, hide scissors and knives before you run.

Oh so true for today! Don't poke me 'cause I'll definitely poke you back!

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