Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Teacher's political buttons are a NO-NO!

The United Federation of Teachers spent lots of money on taking the Klein, the NYC Public Schools Chancellor, to court when he reminded teachers [like the one above], of the NYC Public School policy that no political propaganda like buttons are to be worn/displayed during school hours and activities.

Well, "U.S. District Judge, Lewis Kaplan, said the school policy of banning campaign buttons seemed to reflect a good faith judgment by the Board of Education about the impact of the buttons on students." |USAToday|

Of Course UFT President, Randi Weingarten, is not happy about this development and is planning to pursue litigation possibly all the way to the Supreme Court. She said she was glad, however, that the judge ruled the Union could at least use teacher's mailboxes and Union bulletin boards to distribute political material.

Wait... isn't this the same Union that fought in court 2 elections ago for the right not to have union dues money used for public political campaigning such as ads? Oh I see Randi, so long as the union money goes to your candidate you're ok with union money paying for political buttons and posters.

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