Monday, October 27, 2008

Memo to the Undecided Voter

Newsweek recently asked NYC Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, to share his thoughts on what the President-elect should focus on starting November 4th. What Bloomberg produced was a memorandum full of issues and ideas that Newsweek has published in their November 3rd issue.

In reading the memo I thought to myself "This is precisely the reason I'm really glad Bloomberg will be able to run for a 3rd term as Mayor. He has an understanding and a vision of where this city and our nation need to go. I'd like to see Speaker Christine Quinn's and Borough President Markowits vision for our city and nation. Which leads me to ask: Do they even have one?

In reading the memo I also thought it was a great guideline for undecided voters to use in figuring out who to vote for and who is best qualified to achieve the most items on that memo.

I hope you read it and ponder on its contents!

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