Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mad Science

This is my son's science fair project which I'm working on right now. We finished everything 10 days early, plenty of time to measure, cut & paste everything.

Unfortunately, sudden events (Spitzer Scandal, Wall St issues and Mtg crisis) in NYC made a busy time @ work exceedingly crazy, preventing me from doing the pasting till now. Just finished the layout & now will proceed to pasting!


vw bug said...

That is awesome!

Mrs. Who said...

Looking good! I'm kind of burned out on science fair projects after four kids and three years each of trying to come up with different projects.

Cappy said...

Did he enjoy the Science Fair? Did you? Did the project involve flying cars? We were promised flying cars by now! Where's my flying car?

Quality Weenie said...

So? Did he win?

Enquiring minds want to know!