Monday, February 11, 2008

Pondering... The Bucket List

Over at Pondering Jean and some of her readers are commenting about "The Bucket List". I love Morgan Freeman's talent since he was on the Electric Company, so I'll be seeing it when it comes out on DVD. Unfortunately, I've been without a sitter since mid-fall and have been too busy to go through the process of finding a new one. No regrets though, as the time has been well spent enjoying my son's company. I do miss going to the gym though, taking me time, or just sitting in a cafe or walking about the city taking pictures (hence the infrequent postings).

However, I wrote about my own bucket lists here, and how this past summer, I was challenged to dream even bigger dreams. You know what happened as a result, I did great in the planning and a bit poor in the execution. What happened? Funny, that's what my instructor asked me in a follow-up email this past week. You see I accomplished all the little piddly things that I had on my list. But the big, monumental, pie in the sky dreams, that he dared me to dream.... well, I finally had to admit I'm afraid of going after them and achieving them. Not because I'm afraid of failing, but because I'm afraid of succeeding and the impact that change will do to my life. I think those big, monumental, pie in the sky dreams, that I dared too dream were things that were at the moment great visions of one type of life I wouldn't mind living.

The truth is, now that my schedule is back to normal and I'm off caffeine and meditating more... well, those dreams are not the pie in the sky dreams, I'd dream today. Lucky for me, my soul knew the truth all along, better than I did. Still I'm grateful, and peaceful and happy... for today!

Sooooo, what's on your Bucket List?


Jean said...

Thanks for your kind and wise words on my 'Bucket List' post.
You've given me much to ponder and a new writer to check out!

Cappy said...

My bucket list is simple. Nothing that complete world domination wouldn't cover.