Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess what I'm having for lunch

I'll give you only one hint... Its all vegetarian.


Army Wife said...

is it eggplant?

It looks like fried eggplant.

If not it could be falafel

Quality Weenie said...

Brussel sprouts?!!!

My favorist veggie of all time!


oddybobo said...

blech, I hate sprouts. Me? I'd be headed to Max Brenners for some chocolatey goodness.

Journey said...

From left to right its:
Latkas (potato pancakes) with apple sauce, roasted brussel sprous, roasted brown button mushrooms, blanched green beans and tofu cubes (for protein). It was all yummy German food (minus the tofu) from my firm's cafeteria.

The potato pancakes will have to do until I go to Russ' Daughters and get some decent Jewish food. That is unless this chick has any ideas where a Goyem can get some decent Kosher food, other than at her auntie's or schlepping to crooklyn, "cause until I get decent polish/ukrainian style Kosher food in Queens, I ain't going nowhere.

Quality Weenie said...

Potato Pancakes???!!!!

Oh man I love them also, they are hard to find around here though.