Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be Happy... Always!

"Feel Happy Now" is a new book by one of my favorite authors and life gurus. I'm going to be picking up a copy this weekend and I encourage you to pick a copy as soon as possible, for any of your cranky loved ones. If not for your benefit then definitely for theirs!

As some of you know, last year was a tough one for me. Just as I was finishing up my last cycle of chemo treaments my dad died. Five months later my step-dad died. All these challenges left me adrift, anchorless and searching for meaning, direction and joy of life. It was during that time that I came across Michael Neill's website,

As a result of my daily visits to his site and putting into practice his wonderful tips and exercises from his books, I was able to accomplish in the last 4 months the goals I've been struggling to achieve for the past 3 years. His simple, logical, uncomplicated approach to life and achieving our goals, made it easy for me to make some incredible changes in my life. How did he do this, by helping me become aware of what my challenges/obstacles were and showing me how I was putting them in my own way. This awareness helped me not only to identify what I do wrong, but also how I can remove these stumbling blocks, so I can achieve my goals and succeed at life. In looking back at the last quarter of '07 I'm amazed at all that I accomplished through his online guidance in just 4 months!

Michael is the best-selling author of "Effortless Success" and "You Can Have What You Want". You can listen to excerpts of "Effortless Success" here, and see for yourself what an incredible coach he is and how you can begin living fearlessly.

In his latest book "Feel Happy Now", Michael shares with us the steps for cultivating happiness in our daily lives. Through his shared experience and examples, he shows us that no matter what our present day circumstances we can create a life for ourselves that has meaning and is a profoundly happy one. In this book he shares with readers tips, exercises and examples on how to go about creating your own personal happiness. To read an excerpt visit here and see for yourselves what I mean.

So why am I pushing this book? Truthfully, because I'm sick of reading and hearing really insignifican complaints from people who have an abundance of things and wonderful relationships in their lives and yet all they manage to do is focus on and find the negative and complain about their challenges! I call these people Life-Whiners and while some of them produce interesting and sometimes funny posts, the truth is that level of negativity is toxic, because it teaches everyone around them (especially children) how to focus on the problems in their lives instead of focusing on what can make them happy... always.

So yes, I am encouraging all of you to buy this book for those negative people in your life, in the hopes of sharing a positive solution to what seems to me to be a national problem. A problem that if not addressed will only get worse by infecting our future generations with negative thoughts, by raising a nation of complainers.

If you know of someone who isn't living the happy life they deserve, then this is definitely the right book to give them!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those audio clips are phenomenal. I love not only his voice but his happy & serene audio presence too. Quite a contrast from Anthony Robbins steroidal coaching.

I'm going to check out his book when I visit Borders this afternoon.


Army Wife said...

I try and make this a practice in my life, and like you....

found it, when I needed it. My practice of this is faith based...

I try and not waste precious time on this planet with folks that do not "get it"...

but once in a while they sneak in....

A thankful attitude can be contagious

Quality Weenie said...

So which book do you recommend to read first?

Journey said...

QW, Sorry for the delay in replying, the market-driven roller-coaster ride has kept me very busy.

Truthfully, I'd buy both books first and then the cd's after that, unless you have long drives to and from work, in which case the CD's are a great way to fill your time.

"Effortless Success" and "You can have What You Want" deal with strategies and exercises for creating career success, while "Feel Happy Now" gives you ways on developing a better, happier, more positive outlook on life and in the process a better relationship with yourself.

Hope that answered your question!

sticks said...

I'm going in search of "Feel Happy Now" tomorrow. This fits right in with where I am in my life. Thanks.

Father Sez said...

I am so sorry to hear about your experiences in 2007. I pray that 2008 will be far, far better.

It is great that you have pointed out the book.

I'll look for it, as everyone needs happiness.

I have also bokmearked his blog.