Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spring & Inspiration in Central Park

Work was so stressful that I decided to take a walk through Central Park before getting on the train to go home. It was well worth it because I came upon this lovely scene. Not having a walkman inspired me to turn my thoughts into stories and suddenly the words to poem began to take shape. Words of a living poem that has yet to be concluded are harder to capture.
So the words, phrases, & thoughts were being churned and turned, like butter in the making, as I worked the poem in my head. The downside to listening to music all the time is that snippets of lyrics tend to sneak in to the poem, sending me back to the drawing board. Which means I need to have another chat with my muse.
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Peter said...

Just passing through on the blogcrawl. I have to get out of town fast before they smell transfat on my breath.

Mrs. Who said...

I missed this one on the blogcrawl...oops.

email me if you get a chance!

oddybobo said...

I hope you keep this site! But if you do, you may want to remove reference to the old site. We'll miss ya!