Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fleet Week

Fleet week is something that occurs twice a year in NYC. A few days prior to Memorial Day the U. S. Navy sends us a few of it's jewel ships and shows itself off to us civilians. The week prior to July 4th, navy ships from around the world keep our busy harbor masters even busier. For that weekend we can have as many as 20 ships docked in our local ports of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It is an impressive sight, however, none are as impressive as the US Naval Fleet. The picture above is that of the USS Wasp at sunset.

It was my first time on a US Naval ship and let me just say, it was awesome. And no I'm not talking about the cute young boys that ma'amed me to death. I'm talking about the equipment of which I'll feature here in the next few entries. If you've never gone to see one of these marvels of modern technology and its crew and you're hesitating, I say GO! It's worth your while. But I suggest you guy in July, when you get to check out the fleets of our potential enemies. Only then will you have a point of comparison and will see our need for a strong Navy.