Friday, June 09, 2006

Top Secrets of a Power Purse

What you see here are most of the contents of my large satchel purse (see picture in entry below). Actually, there are 5 things missing from this picture: a) folder containing a 1" thick file (on average) on congressional or state bills I have to read overnight; b) my MP3 player (headphones are in the picture); c) my cell phone, which I was using to take the picture; d) my thin leather pencil case (which is out getting repaired) and e) my small container in which I have a healthy snack (like nuts or raisins). Oh, and on rainy days I also pack a big umbrella.

The contents that I have are your typical things. I guess the difference whether a purse turns into a black hole or not is in how the purse is organized. My solution is to keep things within their own bags or compartments. Here you'll see that I have a mini-purse (this is the purse within a purse), a small black make up bag (also doubles as my general purpose bag), writing instruments (that go in the pencil case), a notebook, an occassional book or magazine, and always folders. There's nothing loose in my bag except an occassional store receipt and maybe some change.

Because my bags are more than a fashion statement, they have to fit 1 of 3 categories and each has it's own funcion and set of requirements before I even consider buying or making them.

The large purse has to be able to hold everything you see in this picture. The medium purse is for when I don't have to carry folders or books around. On those occassions my large bag (see picture below) will replaced by a medium sized bag where I'll put all the contents of my mini-purse, my busines notebook (beige cover) and it must also have room for my black make up/general purpose bag of magic/lifesaving tricks.

My mini-purse, which is what I use with my large bag (pictured behind my black general purpose bag), must hold my keys, wallet, sunglasses, mp3 player, cell phone, metrocard pass (for the train) and my work ID card holder and 1 or 2 other very personal items. This bag gets tucked away in the big bag so my purse doesn't turn into the dreaded abyss my blog daddy believes most women's purses are (wonder who he's been hanging out with?). It's also what goes with me everywhere when I leave my desk.

In the black magic make up / general purpose bag I carry everything a female McGiver would need in order to save the world. Well, it hasn't saved the world yet, but it has saved my life and that of others (the truth) on several occassions. The contents of that bag alone are enough for another post!

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