Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Reason Life is Sweet - My Zen Micro

This is the reason mornings have been so sweet in spite of all the stress of a morning rush hour and a challenging day ahead.

As I was waititng for my train I was so grateful for this little device, that I decided to take a picture of it and share it with you all. I have loved music since I was a baby. Later music became a part of my daily life as I became a member of the children's choir at my dad's church.

So let me tell you why this device is so great:
- holds up to 6Gb of data, music or recordings.
- can hold 3000 songs/64kbps WMA format or 1500 songs/128kbps MP3 format
- has a 12 to 18 hr battery life
- removable rechargeable Li-ion battery (unlike some iPods, you only replace the battery not the device)
- FM radio with upto 32 preset station settings
- voice/FM recorder to record meetings, classes, or your own voice memos.
- address book
- to do lists
- calendar
- Syncs w/my Outlook® email addresses, calendar, notes in my home or work PC
- 8 preset EQ settings
- non-skip playback with phenomenal sound!
- easy navigation
- various ways to indicate where you are in your playlist and in your song

This little baby has taken a beating and has kept on playing through everything:
- being dropped it in a full glass of water (after opening it up and letting battery dry separately it played like it's old self again)
- being dropped from a 15 ft high platform.
- being dropped and thrown off a treadmill at 22mph
- extreme heat at the beach and extreme cold in my coat pocket
- the only thing I replaced were the headphones, I got better ones in order to make my life even sweeter.

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