Friday, December 30, 2005

Stage 1 of 3 in Times Square

One of 3 stages being set up by major networks for competing coverage of the NYC New Year's Eve Extravaganza that takes place in Times Square.

The weather tomorrow is expected to be chilly and rainy in the low 40's, changing in the evening to the mid 30's with occassional snow showers. Lovely weather for hanging out on the street if your ossified.

Me, I'll be warm and comfy watching or reading something from the comfort of my bed! Most likely starting to read the Da Vinci Code (one of my Xmas presents). I really can't stand the crappy New Year's eve shows they have on tv, never have and probably never will! I don't need to watch, I can hear the damned fireworks all 7.5 miles away, while in bed, always have and probably always will.

While playing tour guide today, I confessed to my tourist friend and pen pal, Sgt. Williams, that most New Yorkers stay home and watch the events on TV. It's the tourists (and only the tourists) who brave the cold, to stand in one spot for 6 to 8 hours before, so they can have a close up look and watch that darned crystal ball drop at the stroke of midnight. For those of you who will be watching... Enjoy the Show!

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