Friday, December 30, 2005

Live Blogging from City Hall

This picture doesn't do justice to the wonderful Holiday/Xmas tree/Druid Display outside NYC City Hall. I was across the street at J&R, helping a new friend (who was on his way to his 3rd tour in Iraq) set up their laptop with the works (hardware and software, including VOIP and a Webcam). That way it would be easier for him and his buddies to stay in touch with their families. Hopefully he'll consider blogging from there.

Anyway, I literally took this picture and posted it as we walked fast past the "holiday display" to take the train for the airport. Anyway on the off chance my visitor does stop bye to check this out, I'll leave a parting message for you here:

Good luck Sgt. Williams, I wish you Godspeed, an uneventful and good tour of duty and a quick, safe return home to your family. I'll be writing soon. Hope you'll begin to see how easy this blogging thing is and that you'll consider keeping everyone posted as to your life by way of blogging.

As before, my prayers will be with you and your men!

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