Friday, August 05, 2005

St. Marks Bookshop & CBGB's

This post was inspired by this post over at Blog Sis Tammi's place, where she talks about her rocker days.

The Beatles had Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane, I had St. Marks Bookshop and CBGB's.

St. Marks's Bookshop has an incredibly eclectic collection of books, both foreign & domestic. I still love their amazingly brilliant staff because they helped shape my grad studies, while honing my political debating skills, and enriching my literary life by introducing me to Spinoza, Goethe, in addition to Plato & Aristotle.

This week, St. Mark's is doing a retrospective on CBGB's, which is only a few blocks away and is slated to close in a few days.

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