Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Signage - More Billboard Blogging

As you can see, more billboard blogging and no Eye Candy for the ladies. Gone are the days of the Calvin Klein ads where Marky Mark and Antonio Sabbato made powerful statements in their CK underwear. Acutally, Marky Mark (now actor Mark Wahlberg)caused quite a scandal when his 7 story poster was first unveiled. He was the first man to bare his undies in public, protestors complained that it "fueled many a ladies and high school girls fantasies, corrupting their morals and spirit".

A few years later, when Antonio Sabato unveiled CK's first micro brief in Times Square, he caused such an outcry that city officials (who look nothing like him) took swift and strong measures to get him booted out. A mere 3 weeks later he was replaced by this ad and thus the birth of the new Times Square took place.

Those ads are NOTHING compared to the ads recently submitted to and rejected by the Times Square Alliance (TSA) [please note, not work safe]. The TSA, is the organization which oversees all billboards in the Times Square area and which seeks to preserve the moral identity of the new Times Square the family entertainment center of NYC.

For those interested in how this is enforced... there are contreversial laws on the books which fines and essentially forces some businesses/ads to relocate if deemed pornographic in nature in a court of law.

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