Sunday, August 14, 2005

NYC Subways - Safer Than Ever

I couldn't help but take this picture for my blogsis Bou, of Boudicca's Voice. She shared with me once that although her husband comes to NY a number of times each year, she doesn't join him because she's afraid.

Afraid??!! "What is there to be afraid of?", I thought to myself. Then I got home and after watching an episode of Law & Order SVU last night I realized, no wonder she's afraid to visit NYC. That made me think if such a highly interesting and intelligent person is afraid there must be others. Sure enough there were. In one email from a blogger I got the following parting message: "you be careful and stay safe in the that big scary city."

Well, without knowing it they were the inspiration for the relaunching of this blog. And for those of you who are worried... the above picture was taken at 9:38pm this evening. Normally there's a few more people but at close to 90F above ground, the heat down under ground where the subway runs becomes closer to Dante's first circle.

The point I want to make with this picture is, not only is NYC safe (even late into the night), we have the lowest crime rate in 35 years and one of the lowest in the nation. So please, come and visit NYC and I promise you'll have a great time!


Eric Grumbles said...

I love NYC, my wife and I have been there several times, never worried about "being safe", enjoyed the subway, thought the NYPD searches are plain silly, yada yada. Now that I know about your "postcards" site, I plan to visit. Great pictures of one of my favorite cities (right behind San Francisco and Seattle, but in front of London, Paris and Berlin, all of which I have been to or lived in).

_Jon said...

I felt relatively safe.
I was cautious everywhere. Being a Detroit native will do that to you.

But when I return-visit, if that dork on the subway starts his dance routine again, you won't be able to hold me back. I'll cause some crime right then and there..... :)